We are so excited to welcome you back to the studio to practise. The studio comes alive when people are in it - nothing can quite compare to the collective energy of a group class.


We can understand why some yogis may be apprehensive about returning to the studio - we would like to reassure you that we are doing absolutely everything we can so that you can practise safely with confidence.


The safety and wellbeing of the Shala family will always be our priority. We have undertaken a comprehensive risk assessment and have updated our health and safety protocols to ensure the safety of all students, teachers and staff and other residents of Melton Wellness House.


Below is an outline of some of the measures we are implementing to protect our community. We will be constantly reviewing the protocols we have in place to ensure they are in line with the latest guidelines and laws provided by the UK Government.


Although a few things may be different when you return to the studio, we can guarantee we will be teaching you the best yoga classes we can!


We can’t wait to see you safely back on the mat in person.




  • Weekly lateral flow testing undertaken for teachers 

  • Teachers will be instructed to self isolate if they show Covid-19 symptoms or have tested positive for Covid-19

  • PPE compulsory in communal areas of the house

  • No hands on assists

  • Teachers have completed trained to ensure hygiene standards and health and safety protocols are maintained at all times




  • Daily cleaning of the studio

  • All high touched points will be cleaned before and after each session

  • Hand sanitiser available at the entrance, and in the studio

  • All mats, props and equipment have been removed

  • Weights will be cleaned after Fit Flow 



  • State of the art infrared heating system, eliminating 99.97% of viruses (99.98% of coronaviruses), pollen, bacteria, mould, yeast, dust allergens and odours from circulating in comparison to radiating heating systems

  • The studio will be ventilated between classes

  • No HOT classes will be run in this block; all classes will be between ambient and warm

  • CO2 monitor has been installed 




  • Spacings for yoga mats in the studio are marked out

  • All mats face forward. Everyone should sit/stand the same direction during class

  • Social distancing rules between each person in class will be adhered to

  • Distance between the centre of each mat is 2m, meaning all students will maintain a 1m+ distance at all times.

  • Social distancing upon arrival at the studio and leaving the studio after each class will be encouraged - masks are compulsory

  • Hooks and shoe racks are provided for students to leave their belongings

  • No classes currently over 1 hour on the timetable to eliminate contact time



  • Please arrive at the studio dressed for class (with an outer layer as required) and minimise the amount of items you bring with you

  • Arrive no more than 15 minutes prior to class - you will not be let into the studio until the teacher is completely set up and ready to go

  • Please do not come to the studio if you are unwell or believe that you have been exposed to Covid-19

  • Please wear a mask entering and leaving the Wellness House and the studio until you are set up on your mat

  • Please ensure that your contact details are up to date on your account log in on our booking system 

  • Please accept the new T&Cs and health waiver on your log in account prior to attending your first in studio class




Do I need to pre-book?


As class capacities are very limited due to ensure social distancing, we recommend that you book in-studio classes in advance. You can do this via our website for the first twelve week block in advance.


We have extended our class cancellation window to 6 hours. If you cancel a class less than 6 hours before a class begins, this qualifies as a late cancellation. If you have a class pack, you will lose that class on your pack and cannot use it again.


If you have an unlimited membership, a late cancellation fee of £5 will be charged to your account for all STUDIO classes.


These same restrictions and penalties apply for all STUDIO class absences.

Should I come to class if I don’t feel well?


If you are unwell or believe that you have been exposed to Covid-19, please do not come to class. If you suspect Covid-19, you will need to follow NHS guidelines and isolate for the required number of days before you consider booking a class at the studio.

Will changing facilities be available?


Please come ready to practise, dressed in your yoga wear. Toilets will be available but please refrain from changing or washing in them.

What should I bring?


You should come dressed for class with an outer layer on top of your yoga clothes. Bring a bag for personal belongings, including any outer layers that you take off. You will need to bring your own mat. Mats will not be available in studio, but they are available to purchase in our reception area or via the website. Props are not essential, but you are welcome to bring your own if you have them. 

Do I need to wear a mask?


It is compulsory to wear a mask in communal areas (reception, hallways). Please wear a mask when entering and leaving the studio. You are not required to wear a mask during the class.

What will be different about practising at the studio?


Class sizes will be limited to a maximum of 6/8. For the first few weeks in-studio classes will be live-streamed, so you will be joined by yogis online. Which classes are also online can be found on our website. Yogis in the studio will not be visible on camera. Teachers will be unable to give physical assists at this time, but verbal cues will be provided.

What happens after class?


  • After savasana, roll up your mat. Make sure you take everything with you. We cannot keep lost property.

  • Your teacher will manage how the class disperses; please wait for them to indicate when you should leave the room. 

  • You may use the bathroom on the way out but do respect other yogis exiting the building when you are ready to leave, keep your distance and do not pass on the stairs.

  • It is likely that you’ll have to wait for a moment as people put their shoes on. Your patience is valued.

  • Unfortunately, teachers won’t have time after class to chat. We would ask you to leave the studio as soon as possible after your session so we can ensure physical distancing requirements can be adhered to and also so we can make sure the studio is thoroughly cleaned before the next class. If you need to contact your teacher after class for any reason, you can use the chat feature on the log in section of our website.

  • Do clean your yoga mat when you get home. You can find lots of advice online about how best to do this.


What protocols are in place to ensure staff don’t pass on or contract Covid-19 at the studio?


In addition to receiving Melton Wellness House health and safety training:


  • All teachers will have a contactless temperature check on the day of their class

  • All teachers are undertaking weekly lateral flow testing

  • Teachers are required to wash and sanitize their hands before and after teaching

  • Teachers will maintain social distance at all times

  • Teachers will wear face masks, visors in communal areas

  • All teachers have been instructed to follow Government guidelines if they or someone they have been in contact with are showing symptoms of or have tested positive for Covid-19

  • All teachers are self employed and have to adhere to their own regulatory bodies as well as our studio protocols


Can I bring my own sanitising products?


You are welcome to bring your own sanitising gel to use on your hands as well as wipes should you wish to quickly wipe down your yoga mat after class. But do please note that there will not be much time after class and we would ask that you clean your mat more thoroughly when you get home.