Embodiment Yoga

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Phone: 07825 150487
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Kirsty delivers Hatha Yoga and breathwork, using her personal insight and embodiment of the yoga practice, developed over 20 years.


Combining movement explorations, invigorating flow, focussed breathwork and relaxation, Kirsty teaches with the purpose of improving natural breathing patterns, restoring functional mobility, and balance physically and mentally.  Sessions help to build strength, perspective, adaptability and groundedness for enhanced wellbeing. 


This approach encourages us to stay present through conscious awareness of our breath to locate, open & cleanse the natural space within us, for improved mental clarity, emotional resilience and freedom for the body and mind. 


Suitable for beginners, those suffering with joint stiffness, stress & anxiety or anyone wanting to slow down or try something different.

Find Kirsty in The Studio on Wednesdays and Fridays.