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Baby Massage & Support 

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Becky is a qualified Baby Massage Therapist and the founder of Little Lotus Company, having ten years experience of working with babies and toddlers from 6 weeks to pre-school age as a qualified Nursery Practitioner.


Becky has also had training in colic, constipation and teething massage relief and is experienced in supporting post natal mummies with breastfeeding.


She is also currently training to be a baby yoga instructor which will run alongside the massage classes in due course. 


Becky also has her paediatric first aid training and her enhanced DSB check. 


Her weekly classes are friendly and support the relaxation and wellbeing of you and your baby. All her classes are baby led, with the sessions moving at your babies pace with no pressure at all during the class. She follows your babies lead throughout, making sure mummy and baby are happy. The class is all about you and your baby! Massage is a chance to build an intimate bond with your child, ease tensions, and most of all support both of yours happiness. 


Massage has so many benefits focusing on the areas of Interaction, Stimulation, Relief and Relaxation. Our classes promote parent and baby bonds and secure attachments, we develop your babies communication and stimulate physical and neurological development. The movements can be relieving for your babies aches and pains, like teething and colic, but most importantly they help with relaxation and calmness, contributing to a good nights sleep... for both of you! 


Coming soon to Little Lotus Company...

  • Baby Yoga Classes 

  • Stay and Play Mummy Group

  • Post Natal Breastfeeding Support

Find Becky in The Shala on Tuesdays from June 1st 2021.