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Georgia was a Secondary School English Teacher for 16 years, and after working far too many hours a week as Head of English and Assistant Headteacher, her focus turned to her wellbeing. In 2016 she changed direction by opening a Naturopathic Cafe, while still tutoring and teaching creative writing in evenings.

Having led book clubs, taught adults and children alike in reading and writing skills, and becoming a published poet, blending her love of books and her passion for health and wellness seemed an obvious direction to take, and she decided to undertake professional training as a bibliotherapist.

Consultations last 75 minutes, and consist of a pre-session questionnaire. During the session a variety of techniques may be utilised; these will usually include being read to, discussion about the prescribed readings, journaling and workbook activities, empathetic character analysis and the session will always end with a book prescription. 

A workbook journal will be provided to work through while reading the prescription, and follow up appointments every 2-4 weeks are recommended.

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Find Georgia in The Melbourne Room at various times throughout the week.