wholefood EATING



Set in the rural capital of food and drink, apteekki started life as the cafe space within Melton Wellness House; however, Georgia and the team now offer small group cookery workshops in wild, natural, wholefood and plant-based cooking, foraging and fermentation.


Fermenting workshops such as sauerkraut, kimchi, kombucha and kefir are some of our areas of expertise.

Alongside our workshops, in the true spirit of the Manor House's incredibly lavish history, apteekki will also be running an exclusive secret supper club in the attic space.


To receive exclusive secret supper club invitations, please join the club below. 


apteekki can be found in the attic space of Melton Wellness House; please be advised that access is via a narrow, winding staircase within Melton Wellness House which is not suitable for those with mobility issues.


Secret Supper Club